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Respected actor Jide Kosoko believes that before casting them into films, no sane, competent director will insist on having a loving connection with people.

A veteran in an encounter with remarked that while in any sector the practice is’ normal,’ filmmakers engaging in it are, to say the least, insane.

He continues to believe that once people are bent on doing all they can to climb the fame ladder, sexual assault won’t end as unscrupulous filmmakers won’t hesitate to reap the benefits of starving and vulnerable females.

In any sector, that’s a standard scenario. You tend to see individuals attempting by hook or crook to battle their way up, “he suggests.

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” I haven’t really noticed the industry’s sexual harassment, though. Yes, I saw artists dating each other, but harassment is another matter.

“I always tell the industry’s young girls that they’re going to harass you if you gatecrash. Such things will occur to you if you want to lobby yourself and sell your body to become popular without going through the ordinary practice.

If you’re a trained actor (male or female), you can’t be harassed by anyone because you understand your rights and have excellent characteristics.

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Good manufacturers and managers would prefer to go for skilled people who can correctly interpret roles. Only’ crazy’ and inappropriate managers would do otherwise.

Touching the perception that performers indulgence in’ reckless’ lifestyles is the reason for the deterioration of their health, Jide Kosoko said the assertion is not completely accurate.

“Because of the vices they indulge in, it’s not entirely right that performers have health problems,” he insists.

“As much as I agree that some of our peers are smoking and drinking, in the sector it is only a proportion. Not everyone is doing that.

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He did continue: “There are individuals who do these stuff just like in every sector. Even some physicians drink and smoke; there’s no exception to our sector.

I wouldn’t say that’s why artists have health problems. Artists have problems because they are human beings as well as Nigerians.

But because they are common, it becomes public knowledge. Several hundred individuals died as we wake up each day, and many were just diagnosed with one or the other disease.


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