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Many may not consider a romantic person to be a famous actor, John Okafor, aka Mr Ibu, but he said he’s not a novice in that region.

The Police Recruit actor clarified what romance means to him in a conversation with Sunday Scoop.

He said, “When you’re talking about romance, the ordinary person is thinking about making a lady love, but it’s not like that. If you’re romantic, it’s all that happens between you and a girl, whether or not she’s your girlfriend.

I think when you’re romantic, it means you’re caring to the extent that a woman’s ready to remain and play with you without making you love, and that’s good. If you’re the sort of individual who’s got cash and you’re going out to purchase something for a woman you’re staying around, I think it’s romantic. Or if you’re invited to a party and go with a woman, even if you’re not married, it can be regarded romantic as well.

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Also, if you feel like having sex and it’s the same lady who comes to your mind, she might be prepared to have it with you. But not that you’re forcing her and you believe you’re romantic. “Okafor said on the most romantic gesture he’d ever made to a woman,” There was something I did (some time ago) that made individuals fear me.

I purchased a lady’s car and individuals believed we were intimate. Nothing like that, though. The girl actually played an instrumental role in a large deal that I was working on until I got her engaged. Compared to what she did for me, I don’t even believe the vehicle was enough for her.

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“Mr Ibu also argued that his spouse had no reservations about his donation to the woman. “I was married to kids at the time, of course, and I didn’t even know her pant’s color. Usually, whatever I want to do, I tell my spouse, and she understands, “he said.

The actor said he was just recovering from the impacts of the poison he was compelled to ingest a few months earlier on what he is currently working on.

“I’m not working on anything for the moment because I’m still recovering from the poison I’ve been given in Nnewi, Anambra State, last Christmas. I was kept down on the ground by the individuals who gave me the poison as if they were carrying a cow and putting it in my mouth. I believe somebody’s sent them. “he said.

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Meanwhile, Ibu said that behind the dastardly act he had forgiven those. He added, “Masks were not worn by the perpetrators, so I saw their faces. One of the boys in the act was trying to run away, but I told him not. I forgiven them for God’s healing me. Because of the amount of individuals who came to apologize and gave me cash for therapy, I decided not to create a case out of it.


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