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The vibrant thing about being an actor is that different roles can be played by those in the industry. It’s easy for Olaide Adeyiga to be versatile as an actor.

She had to pay a cost for that, though. She observed in an interview with Saturday Beats that because of a romantic role she played in a film, her last relationship ended.

My last connection finished with a romantic role (I was playing in a film). I was trying to make him realize it was my work. I don’t restrict myself when I do my work.

In this, we should not require feelings. I’m still alone and waiting for that man who would trust me enough to understand that my mind isn’t there when I do something like that.

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As an actor, he met me, but he didn’t know my work. The film wasn’t even out yet; he only saw a brief preview video and he told me that I was supposed to turn the role down. He didn’t tell me that he wasn’t interested anymore; the relationship just fell apart.

My mom supported my career very much. Just to study theater arts, I had to change colleges; she’s really pleased with me, “she told Saturday Beats.

Talking of some of the difficulties she has faced since following her passion for acting, she observed that she had to move from shooting English films to Yoruba in order to improve her rise to stardom speed.

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She said, “I decided to join the Nigerian entertainment industry in 2013; in May last year, I began with English films and joined the Yoruba sector.

I always want men in the sector to get into my pants. I’m just telling them that I’m not mixing job with enjoyment; I see them all like my siblings. Some of them know while others do not comprehend.

“I was recommended to rapidly become famous if I wished to. I should join the film industry in Yoruba because they often create films. I’ve seen substantial improvement since I joined. I’ve even made my own film and now I’m getting more roles.”

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Debunking the story that women manufacturers are sponsored by’ sugar daddies,’ she said it hadn’t occurred to her.

“Apart from acting, I have other companies I do; moreover, how anyone gets their cash is not the business of anyone. I didn’t hear anything like that.

I’m all right; I’m dealing with my company. I can talk for myself only. I’m acting because I’m a fan of it.

If I’m sad and I’m going on, I’m happy. Some individuals may do it to connect but not me to extremely positioned males,” she said.


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