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Bukunmi Oluwasina, a rapidly increasing actress, has said she has set limits on her playing romantic roles in films.

The young actress observed in a chat with Saturday Beats that she made the choice for the sake of posterity.

“When I perform a romantic part, I can never act nude or enable my body to be touched anyhow.

Some individuals call me a feminist as I take women’s problems seriously. Some people take advantage of the opportunity to act with you to do some things they’ve always wanted to do; it happens.

There are boundaries to what I can take in a romantic scene because I understand that one day I’m going to get married and my kids are going to watch me.

“I can not go too far. My greatest role ever was when I acted as a blind girl; it was pretty difficult because I wanted to offer it everything.

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To know how they are going about their daily operations, I had to relate to blind individuals. I was taught how to use the braille, for instance,” she said to Saturday Beats.

Asked how fame affects her, she defined the status as a sensitive phenomenon to be treated with wisdom.

“Fame is very sensitive; you’re just hurting individuals you love. I’ve got problems keeping in contact. Fame doesn’t remain forever, but it can cause somebody to lose stuff and important people. It takes away your liberty,” she said.

She also spoke about how she delved into acting, which she recognized as one of her dreams of adolescence.

“I always knew that I was going to be an actress, the character was always in me. As a kid I grew up singing, dancing and writing scripts.

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I shot one of my scripts in 2013, which was my first ever film. We shot it and it’s one of the greatest stuff I’ve ever seen. That was my film industry breakthrough.

“I didn’t face too many difficulties, but when I tried to market the film; a marketer had an issue with me being the lead actor in my own film because I was an up-and-coming actress and a lady.

He said that because of that he would purchase the film for a ridiculous sum of cash. The film featured other stars, but they weren’t prepared to market the movie; I felt bad.

“If there is no chance for up-and-coming performers to showcase their talents, how will they be found? In every movie, we can’t keep having the same faces.

I was determined, but I was depressed by the words of the marketers. I didn’t give up, we shot the film, and for his grace I thank God.

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Ultimately, the marketers who dismissed me call me in their films to feature. When individuals speak about me, I always go back to God.

“I’m an introvert, I’m used to being alone, but now, even when I don’t want to, I have to create friends and speak. I discovered myself in a job that, if you are genuine, will not offer your friends.

But you’re going to have a lot of friends when you’re fake, and I’m a blunt individual. I’m a very simple individual.

I’m not a party person, but they might think it’s out of pride in this profession if you don’t show up for people’s activities.

I discovered myself unknowingly offending individuals. I’m still attempting to balance my character with what individuals want me to be, “she said.


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