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Radio show server, Wendy Williams, who submitted three months earlier with husband Kevin Hunter for divorce, is updating her sexual preferences. The 54-year-old star claimed on Monday’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show that she was “no longer on the market.”

“I understand that!” Wendy replied, as the crowd cheered, covering her face. “I’m not in love, but there’s someone I’m insane about.” Wendy began crying as her crowd kept cheering for the fresh romance.

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“Pay attention, it’s not you who believe,” Wendy continued, speaking about her partnership with Marc Tomblin, a 27-year-old. “Okay, Mom’s not dealing with kids.”

“It just occurs that I’m attracting individuals of all ages, I suppose with my charm and wit,” Wendy continued. “If you’re 90 … but you’re my friend if you’re cool. If you’re 27, like my fresh friend Mark … he’s from L.A., that he would not been to New York before.”

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Wendy continued to explain she’s a “hand bearer,” stating she’s holding her hand if she goes out with someone. But this can lead to rumors of romance.

And while 27-year-old people do find her “very appealing,” Wendy said she needs “someone in his 50s as well” when it comes time for a man’s convenience.

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“But he must work. It helps him to be a doctor, “Wendy revealed about her new man.” I won’t say one more word, you won’t blow me that. For me, you’re not going to blow this.

But he was married, his children are in their twenties. He’s like… and yes, he’s black. I understand that you wonder. He is black, yeah.


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