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A cleric from Lagos, Apostle Chris Omatsola, said the choice of Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, the founder of the Commonwealth Assembly of Zion, to step down on the allegation of rape against him is the correct thing to do.

He said he thought that the claims made against Fatoyinbo by singer Timi Dakolo’s wife, Busola, were accurate, urging the cleric to seek the face of God for tender mercies and return to church.

Omatsola, who is Zionwealth Church’s head, Lekki, Lagos, was in last year’s news about a viral sex video featuring him and his girlfriend, Queen Tamaratokoni Okpewho.

Okpewho accused him of posting the video in order to push her into a marriage partnership with him despite supposed physiological abuse– an allegation he refused that the tape was uploaded to assassinate him.

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Omatsola, talking, said Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry founder and televangelist based in Delta, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, crawled into the issue and mediated with both him and Okpewho.

He said he had consulted Fatoyinbo at his Abuja church during the crisis before Fufeyin’s interference, adding that he had been advised by the latter for over hours.

He said, “I went seeing Fatoyinbo and we spent more than two hours discussing him. What he then proposed to me is what he is currently doing.

The correct thing to do is to step down.” I honestly think the tale of Busola. She can’t go out to lie with him. What’s the point? Is it for fame or cash?

“Busola is already popular and has cash with her husband, Timi Dakolo. I think she did it for the sake of conscience and helping others.

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It’s not the end of life and (his) ministry, I recommend him (Fatoyinbo) to come together and start up again. He is not supposed to sink into depression.

With God, he ought to get things right. “He’s taken the right step by stepping down so it doesn’t seem like he’s slightly taken the accusation or mocking Christianity.

Pastor expelled N2.7 m debt from residence “He should go through a psychotherapy process and cure and offer the case all the needed legal attention.”

Busola said he should realize that the world had heard her tale, adding that her goal had been accomplished.

He added, “In no way do I support sexual assault or violence, and I think in her tale. I pray that God will cure her heart and wound.”

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Omatsola said that while Fatoyinbo was his ministerial junior, he (Omatsola) had called to return the favor what he had done for him at his own moment of trouble.

He said, “After I came to the mountain to seek the face of God for mercy, Prophet Fufeyin has already come to my church to restore me.”

I settled with the girl as well. He even gave the N1 m to her. So, I settled with God, settled with the girl, settled lawsuits.

“I’ve been over two months on the mountain. It’s the same signal that I give to Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.

Another woman spoke out in an interview with Y on condition of anonymity! The week-long aerated Naija also accused Fatoyinbo of violating her.

The woman, who said she was COZA’s worker, claimed the incident took place at the pastor’s house in 2017.


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